WIBF: Guatemala City 2014

The Host Nation thanks you for coming to their traditional territory to Share, Connect, and Inspire.

President of Guatemala Otto Pèrez Molina addresses WIBF delegates

The 5th WORLD INDIGENOUS BUSINESS FORUM took place in Guatemala, with the aim of promoting global trends and connections among five thousand native communities. They were approximately 300 participants and business people from all over the world attending the Forum.

The president of Guatemala Otto Molina Perez welcomes the WIBF delegation in their country, as the event took place in one of the hotels in the Zona 10, the city of Guatemala.

There were three days of sharing people’s experiences. Guatemala the hosting country for the WIBF event this year is making history in the Latin-American Continent as is the first country to host the World Indigenous Business Forum.

We can Connect, Share, Inspire and interact with people from around the world as we are all seeking the well being of our country.

It was agreed in the World Indigenous Business Forum the Protocol for Indigenous Economic Development Network, which has the purpose of creating connection for indigenous people from all over the world.

Translation: The experience of exporting coffee, cocoa and wine has been reflected throughout this process. Now we are working in the process of exporting Natural Sugar.

The activity is seeking for indigenous peoples to interact with industries enterprises and to share experiences and knowledge by creating propitious business environments.

Maria Tuyuc president points out that the committee hopes that World Indigenous Business Forum allows a global conformation network for indigenous entrepreneurs. It will be a way to build more investment mechanism and marketing .Canada Australia, United States and Africa have hosted the forum and this time is Guatemala.

national palace in Guatemala City

The capital and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala and Central America, the city is located in a mountain valley called Valle de la Ermita in the south central part of the country. It is home to Central America’s top Communication, Industry and Financial companies.

The World Indigenous Business Forum: Guatemala City took place the week of October 27 to 31, 2014 and hosted delegates from all over the world, some of the areas that were represented were Canada, the United States, Australia, Guatemala, Africa, Chile and Mexico. Thank You all for coming and making WIBF 2014 a success!

The World Indigenous Business Forum is an opportunity for leaders to come together to share experiences and insights to raise the level of success for our global communities. We have stories that need to be told, we have lessons that we have learned and we have ideas that we know can improve our communities. This is an exciting opportunity to discuss leadership perspectives and build global relationships for the future. We invite you to Connect. Share. Inspire. 

Please click here to read the Thank You letter from Guatemala.

Host Hotel: Westin Camino Real Hotel Guatemala


Coming Soon: WIBF 2015 Speakers to be announced

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News & Event Updates

  • Today’s Aboriginal Businesses Are Breaking Free of Old Boundaries

    Jean Paul Gladu recently wrote an inspiring article regarding Today’s Aboriginal Businesses in which he talks about WIBF 2014.

    “Hundreds of enterprise-minded Indigenous people from all over the world recently converged in Guatemala City, Guatemala for the 5th Annual World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF). The WIBF forum is an initiative of the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc. in Winnipeg, Manitoba…”

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  • The World Indigenous Business Forum is pleased to welcome WIBF 2015 Ambassador: Urban Handyman, Nick Jardine!


  • Hawaii announces WIBF 2015 to take place on the tropical city of Honolulu, Hawaii

    Hawaii 1Nalani Takushi, Capacity Building Manager for Hiilei Aloha, LLC, Oahu, Hawaii announces WIBF 2015 to take place on the tropical city of Honolulu, Hawaii.Hawaii 2

  • Saskatoon delegation announces WIBF 2016 to take place in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    Saskatoon 1Chief Austin Bear and the Saskatoon delegation announces WIBF 2016 to take place in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.Saskatoon 2

  • NPC Corporate

  • WIBF Guatemala 2014 Agenda

    Please click the link to view: WIBF Guatemala 2014 Agenda


    NEWS RELEASE July 7th, 2014

    Winnipeg’s own Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc. to lead the way Winnipeg, July 2014 Hundreds of enterprise-minded Indigenous people from all over the world will converge in the country of Guatemala October 28-30, 2014 for the 5th annual World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF). Leading the way is the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, the founder of WIBF. The forum was launched in 2010 in order to create and promote unique learning and networking experiences for global Indigenous business, corporations, leaders and youth. International speakers from various sectors of the economy will share their thoughts on innovation, creativity and vision. It is a positive and proactive forum that lends to creating effective partnerships on a global scale and to forming strategic alliances with other global leaders.

    Press Release – WIBF – July 2014

  • Special Guest: Nick Jardine


    Special guest speaking at the VIP Evening Reception on October 30, 2014.

    Principal Owner – Urban Handyman (Canada)

    Nick Jardine, born in South Africa, immigrated as a child to Australia and grew into a successful businessman in the construction industry, all the while developing his skills as an avid rugby player. In pursuit of adventure he followed a dream and immigrated to Canada in 2006 to pursue rugby. Enjoying several years of playing and coaching rugby Nick honed in on his business skills once again, by using the only two tools he had brought to Canada with him, his hands, Nick founded Urban Handyman Inc. in 2009, a full-scale renovation/build company.
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