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Entrepreneurs – DahBroz


WIBF 2015 Emerging Entrepreneurs

In 2014 the two brothers 11 and 12 years of age respectively thought to help their dad save for their college fund, they would start company. They decided on clothing company to inspire Youth to overcome the daily challenges of life. They came up with “DahBroz”; an inspirational line of clothing for youth to inspire other kids anything is possible. The brothers are active athletes that enjoy playing Hockey and Lacrosse for the local sports associations, and play school sports. Clinton enjoys playing piano, a hobby that started by teaching himself watching YouTube videos, and now he is taught formally, and as a family they enjoy learning guitar. The Kaboni family, also run a Foundation called “Y We Dream”, with programs it sponsors or coordinates include a Role Model Speakers Bureaus and a Skills Hockey program for Youth 11-13 years of age. The goal of “DahBroz” is raise funds from the sales of their clothing to help sponsor “Y We Dream” programs. There dad, a single father for 9 years, has been a role model and very supportive of the boys goals and ambitions. In doing so persuaded the boys to find a mentor to guide them through the development of their business, they looked at their dad’s network of friends and associates, and thought of one person who their dad respects and trusts. Therefore, they have garnered the support, mentorship and guidance from business leader Mike Elwood former President of Indian Motorcycles. Their brand tag line is “It is” and they have launched the first of many T-shirts with the first one quoting “It is! Y We Dream”. Their goal is to work on several lines to support programs for youth around issues of suicide, stay in school, and other topics that require positive inspirational quotes that can be used to support programming. It has been a challenge as a family with a single parent but together they face every challenge as a family, and they know their dad relies on their strength and ambitions to help him see the light of their positive development.


Is clothing company focussed on promoting positive thinking. Inspiring quotes like It is! Y we dream supports our sports skills development programs; or It is! Y we either win or we learn supports team development; or It is! “Y We Believe In You” to support programs of suicide prevention to name a few.

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