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Grand Chief – Treaty 6


Founder of The Alexis Principles™, Tony was born and raised in a small Native Community outside of Alexis, Alberta, Tony was raised with his relatives and is a fifth generation leader within his family. Chief of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, he continues to work for his people as a community helper.

Tony has provided numerous cross-cultural workshops for government bodies, the hospitality industry, as well as the oil and gas industry, to teach people how to utilize The Alexis Principles™ to create positive business transactions across cultures.

Tony is also a renowned speaker, known for his story telling, insights and hopeful message. Tony has regular speaking engagements geared towards Native audiences across Canada and the United States. Other speaking engagements consist of governments, industry and educational institutions, as well as international audiences in Europe on Aboriginal Relations Training & Development.

About The Alexis Principles

The Alexis Principles™ help build bridges for effective business relationship building in a diverse cultural landscape through training events, programs, and publishing.

The Alexis Principles™ are based upon the teachings Chief Tony Alexis’ father while he was growing up in Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation in Alberta, Canada. Chief Alexis says, “I used the lessons learned from my father when visiting other communities and modernized them to come up with a simple strategic business approach” for building professional relationships and partnerships.

Every community has it’s own cultural protocols. Doing business with partners or clients from another culture is like building a bridge from one side of the river to the other. At first glance, the two riverbanks might look the same, but each has their own habitat and way of life. Disregarding these differences can lead to poor outcomes, failed business ventures, mutual misunderstanding, and people on both sides of the river feeling betrayed.

The Alexis Principles™ teaches you how to build a bridge to business success based upon mutual understanding and respect for the cultural protocols on each side of the river. By applying The Alexis Principles™ to your everyday business interactions, you will be able to build relationships and grow your business in any cultural context.

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