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Master Facilitator – The Alexis Principles


Leah teaches cultural anthropology at Georgia Regents University in Augusta, Georgia, and is a Senior Associate for I DO BUSINESS. Inc, supporting emerging and established entrepreneurs to obtain the knowledge, skills and resources they need to achieve dreams and find success in business.

Leah’s academic work has focused on globalization, international development, and indigenous knowledge. Her love for travel, combined with international work experiences in Jamaica, Namibia, and the United States, have gifted her with unique insights into the importance of having strong cross-cultural communication skills to build bridges for success in business and beyond.

Leah comments, “Learning about The Alexis Principles from Chief Alexis has been transformational. Since I have incorporated these Principles into my every day life, I have increased my capacity for building effective partnerships, problem solving, and resolving disputes in a manner that leaves both sides satisfied with the outcome. The Alexis Principles are an essential tool that people in our globalizing world need more today than ever before.”

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