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Proprietor – Solo Corp


As the youngest of twelve children, Siotame I. Uluave spent his early years in Tonga. Growing up, he watched his father, Solomone Uluave, and his older brothers become skilled craftsmen in building fales (homes) with precision and intricate detail throughout the Tongan Islands. With a desire to build a better future for his family, Solomone moved his family to Hawaii when Siotame was eight years old. A frugal and humble man, Solomone rallied the children together to build them a modest home. The family did not stop there. They worked together, side by side, year after year, building homes for each one of the children.

Solomone had a dream to start a construction company with his five sons, patterned after the many years of working together. Unfortunately, that dream never came to fruition before Solomone passed away.

Siotame, a father of ten children, a husband, and an entrepreneur established Solo Corp in 2007, named after his father who left a legacy of solid work ethic, integrity in all things, and quality craftsmanship.