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Co-Founder and Director – Gilimbaa


As proud Wakka Wakka man, and the Co-Founder and Director of Gilimbaa, David brings a lifetime of culture and connections that lie at the heart of the outcomes delivered by the Gilimbaa team.

David was influenced by his immediate family and his elders who encouraged him to use his creative skills as a tool to connect his culture to the wider community. With over 15 years as a cultural performer working locally, nationally and internationally David uses traditional music, artwork and design as effective tool of 21st century cultural communication. It was through this sharing of culture and tradition that he identified the ever-growing need for organisations to have culturally appropriate communications and designs to effectively engage with Australia’s First Peoples. It was this realisation from which Gilimbaa was born. David has built strong community networks that are fundamental to Gilimbaa’s ability to deliver meaningful and culturally appropriate communication strategy, design, artwork, and campaigns. The ability to connect with people and link them with the unique experience and vision of Gilimbaa is one of his most valuable strengths. David adds incredible value through his capability to walk in two worlds, influencing in the boardrooms nationally and internationally, with the same ease as he connects with community.