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Community Leader, Sustainable Living Advoate and Co-Director – ‘Save PNG’


Jennifer Baing-Waiko and husband Bao Waiko’s motto is ‘sharing knowledge, changing lives’. This is reflected in their TV show ‘Café Nuigini’ which celebrates Papua New Guinean culture, shares traditional cooking methods, promotes good health and positivity.

Jennifer Baing Waiko is of mixed parentage with her father being the leader of the Dampidampi Clan from Markham Valley, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea and her mother being from New Zealand. Jennifer is married to Bao Waiko from the Bosida Clan of the Binanadere people of Oro Province. She is a mother of two sons Yavita and Micah and one daughter, Lilly. She is a marine science graduate, community leader, agriculturist, sustainable living and cultural advocate.

Jennifer is dedicated to improving the livelihoods and advancing the rights of rural communities in Papua New Guinea. Jennifer believes Melanesian people deserve equal rights and opportunities and should be equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to determine their own future for a prosperous Papua New Guinea that can engage richly with the rest of the world. As a Christian and a Seventh Day Adventist Jennifer also believes in faith with works.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Fisheries from the Australian Maritime College and is currently undertaking a Master of Arts in Communication and Social Change at the University of Goroka. She has experience in project management and planning on agricultural projects and international NGO programs. She is a young leader with fresh ideas to bring Papua New Guinea forward in the 21st century. She has a passion for the positive development of Papua New Guinea and this was demonstrated when she ran for the first time in the 2012 election in the Markham electorate and came 5th. She is dedicated to the development of Papua New Guinea, Morobe Province and the people of Markham Valley.

Jennifer is also a strong advocate for agriculture and fisheries as key development targets to ensure the 80% of the Papua New Guinea population can be included in building the local, provincial land national economy. She has been educated both locally and internationally and understands global issues relating to politics, agriculture, fisheries and environmental development and protection.