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Managing Director – Hamdei Mines Limited


8 years of exploration geology experience in Papua New Guinea projects at varied levels of development. Led and drove exploration programs at Morobe Mining JV (a Harmony Gold and Newcrest Joint Venture) for 4 years. He later worked at Marengo Mining interpreting the first lithology wireframes for the Yandera deposit and completing a multi-dataset interpretation that delineated 3D blocks of geology.

Mr Ila’ava has a consistent track record of adding value with robust interpretations, through all levels of a project’s development.

Overview of Hamdei Mines Limited

Hamdei Mines Ltd is a minerals exploration company founded in 2014. Hamdei is the name of the local language group in the area, chosen to symbolise the company’s goals and vision. Hamdei seeks to pioneer the practice of acknowledging landowners as custodians of the land, by offering a share of equity in mineral projects as appropriate milestones are reached.

Current Activities

The Company is taking advantage of the downturn in the mining sector and acquiring prospective exploration grounds in PNG that have been relinquished by other companies. An exploration license application ELA1335 over a prospect 12km south of Hidden Valley Gold Mine is in the final stages of approval with the PNG Mineral Resources Authority. A ‘boots on ground’ assessment will be carried out primarily through geological mapping and surface sampling with a portable XRF.

Plans for future

Upon ELA1335 being approved, the Company plans to carry out its exploration programs. There is also ongoing research to identify more prospective ground that is available for exploration license applications.

How Hamdei Will Engage Local Communities

The Company will engage local communities by providing employment for locals during exploration programs. Local people will also be given priority in procuring food and accommodation, for example using local skills and knowledge to establish gardens and camps near prospect sites.

This community based exploration approach differs from the normal industry practice of establishing camps that isolate workers from the local people. Being amongst the community and working with the locals in partnership will engage them in the exploration process.

All of these ideas are fruits borne of one of Hamdei’s founding principles that landowners should be acknowledged as partners in their own projects by offering a share of equity. It is a principle that the Company believes will foster a spirit of partnership and co-operation with the local people.