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Designer, specialized in footwear and accessories, in the year 2013 made a specialization in the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

In the year 2014, she was invited to participate in the project “Sustainable Development Plan of the Competitiveness Enterprises of Leather and Footwear of Chile & Mexico”, the project consisted on doing a specialization internship in design and production of footwear and leather goods in Ciatec, León Guanajuato. México. Returning to Chile obtained specialized knowledge in: Creation and management of points of sale, administration, purchases, logistics and associativity. With all this knowledge carried out the purpose of this project, which consisted on the training of 100 micro entrepreneurs of this item in the country. Since the year 2014 to 2016 she worked in the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, in the same extension program where she was a student in 2013.
Founding partner of “Newen Design”, brand specialized to conjugate her indigenous ascendance, trough the creation of exclusive handmade products, which merge the contemporary design with worldview of the Mapuche people.

Searching for making visible the work of entrepreneurs, producers and Mapuche craftsmen, gets a shop in Patio Bellavista, the most important touristic place in Santiago, this is how “LOF” is formed, an indigenous associative business project.

In Parallel, she studied Event Production with the goal of searching new spaces and instances to give to know the different expressions of the Mapuche people. Achieved to meet and create alliances with the most distinguished representatives of handcrafts, arts, gastronomy and music, participating in important events such as the celebration of We Tripantu or Wiñol Tripantu (the Mapuche new year), production in the XXII version of the Wine Fair of Chile of the five stars Hotel Plaza San Francisco, in which for the first time the Mapuche people was the honor guest.
In the year 2016 was invited by SERNAM (National Service of Women), to speak about associativity and business to 100 indigenous business women from all the country.