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a Mapuche-Huilliche woman entrepreneur

With technical studies on Public Administration and Political Sciences, currently Claudia is general manager and founder of GEMINUR, an indigenous cooperative (of urban indigenous entrepreneurs) which main objective is learning, cohesion and gathering efforts and experiences integrating people from different indigenous backgrounds in Chile, so they can open to international trade with quality, innovative and distinctive products.

Today, she Works in cooperativism, enhancing and giving value to the role of women in a sustainable economy.

She has been invited to share on forums regarding the topics of cooperativism, and indigenous entrepreneurship, on seminars organised by CONADI, (the Chilean government indigenous development agency) and invited along her partners to the signature of the bill that updated national rules for cooperativism, along with President Michelle Bachelet and the Secretary of Economy.

Awarded two times for the National Indigenous Women Day, given by CONADI, and entrepreneur of the year by the Municipality of Futrono, a southern Chilean township.

In Santiago she managed to reunite her family and several indigenous from the mapuche people, and formed an association to rescue, teach and promote their culture, giving lectures on cosmo-vision, language (mapuzungun) and indigenous rights, focusing this work in children and the young.

During 2014 she starts the touristic eco project called Turismo Antukuyen, (antü: sun, and küyen: moon in the Mapudungun language) which integrates a beautiful natural landscape in the Huapi island on the Ranco lake (dangerous waters) in the Futrono town in the Los Ríos province, (920 km / 570 mi south of Santiago), with domo-styled cabins ethnic cuisine, tours and guided visits, creating this way labour sources and enhancing ethnic-tourism.

In 2015 she keeps upgrading her skills, via several courses in business administration, seminars, and gathering experiences on how to promote indigenous entrepreneurship.

The regional council of the Los Rios province (a fully elected board of councillors who decide on public expenditure for the region) awarded her with the Medalla Conmemorativa (commemorative medal) on the category Emprendedores Destacados, given her innovative touristic business that has contributed to the local economy, taking the name of Huapi island and the area to other countries where she has been invited, specifically to two WIBF, in Hawái on 2015 and in Saskatoon, Canada on 2016.

On the forums she bonded and made team with native people from many places with the aim to work on re-defining the concept of Indigenous Development; a turning point with an historic sense, given the changing on this view, as the indigenous people on their own, from their perspective, are defining where to move in their development opportunities.

This 2017 she has been constantly interviewed and profiled by the Chilean media, highlighting being featured as main guest in the national TV show “Lugares que Hablan”, one of the highest rating weekend shows in local TV, where she had the opportunity to promote the Mapuche – Huilliche community she grew up in; and to share the story of her successful business in Huapi island.