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Evelyn is a Mapuche woman; she is part of the most numerous Chilean indigenous group. Evelyn has initiated her return journey into the deepest of being CHE (person). Her journey of life, according to some western point of view experts, is a regression. But from the indigenous point of view, her life experience represents an expression of the return of the Mapuche wisdom to the modern era.

She is daughter, niece, sister, aunt and currently one of the spiritual leaders in her locality, Rañintuleufu, place located in Nueva Imperial town on the Region of La Araucanía. Here, she has been working as a Machi (indigenous doctor) during more than ten years.

Thanks to her studies on public administration and political sciences in Los Lagos University, and her acquired knowledge on Mapuche culture, Evelyn has could merge those knowledges and principles into a privilege perspective in order to discuss and build the economic future of the Mapuche world.

Nowadays, Evelyn is a leader of Mapuche organizations related to health and president of the first Machis Organization in la Araucanía, an institution that meets diverse Mapuche spiritual leaders. She is also director and stakeholder of “Taiñ Lawentuwun”, the first private and autonomous initiative of Mapuche Integral Health located in the historic downtown of Temuco, regional capital of La Araucanía.