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Colombian indigenous leader and politician

Keynote presentation: Colombia, a big chance for peace and development for the indigenous people

Germán Carlosama is a renowned Colombian indigenous political leader with a long history of social and political work in support of his communities as a Mayor, Governor, Senator, and currently Vice President of the Colombian House of Representatives. His main areas of professional and personal interest include human rights, fair trade, and etnotourism–as key pillars for a sustainable development, job opportunities, and education in association with private companies and international cooperation.

As part of his more important achievements, he was the author of several laws created to protect the rights of indigenous, afro-colombians, and farmers.  He also was recognized as a promoter of equal  education and work opportunities for children, young and women, and is involved with public and private partnership to construct practical solutions to fight poverty, illiteracy and inequality.

Born and raised in the middle of the Andean mountains in Nariño as part of the Pastos indigenous community, he was recognized as a man who was tailor-made to do great things in Colombia.