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Specialist in Beauty, with perfection in the university of the worker (Infocap 2006), among other courses of the area of beauty in the natural cosmetic line (2014-2015). Stylist and Founder of Mari Mari Natural Mapuche Cosmetics. This business was created by the need to want to learn the components that we use daily in our products of hygiene and beauty. , this was complemented by its Mapuche ancestry and the millennial wisdom that exists in nature, specifically in plants and herbs, that are used, until today in various areas of our people. . Thus was born the idea of creating a Mapuche cosmetic line called Mari Mari, what
does it mean in Mapudungun “hello”. Head of home, entrepreneur, who has fought for the positioning of her and the women in their respective enterprises, both in their commune and intersector. Recognized and Awarded as Outstanding Woman 2017 in its commune, La Pintana. Invited to participate in various events of the associative area, social economy public policies among which stands out: Social Economy Associativity Division to expose experience as head of household, entrepreneuria and cooperative, Indigenous consultation for the project and process Constituent of Chile, Seminar ¨Judvent Cooperativa: new paradigms in Chile and Latin America¨ It has and participated in fairs, seminars, courses and graduates: Expo Feria Mujer Entrepreneur Indigenous, Fair Entel, Centro Cultural la Moneda; fair Costumbrista National Television of Chile (TVN) Program coaching exporter (Prochile); Women On Entrepreneurship Training Program (Sernameg, Entel, Emprediem); Training Course Entrepreneurship Management, Program + Capable Entrepreneurial Women, Training Course Cooperative Enterprises of Women (Sence), Diploma of Cooperatives (Division Associativity and Social Economy). participated in the last two World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF), Hawaii, Honolulu 2015 (Conadi); Canada, Saskatoon 2016 (Prochile)

It was in 2015 after his participation in the world forum held in Honolulu, where the vision and impact took place, regarding the experience lived in relation to the economic and organizational position of our indigenous brothers in the world, so arriving in Chile this same year joined a group of indigenous entrepreneurs of the Chilean delegation that participated in the forum, to pose the lived experience and form a multi-service cooperative, . Today, she is a founding member, alternate general manager and secretary of the Geminur Cooperative (Group of Entrepreneurs and Urban Indigenous Professionals of Chile). She also works with the Cooperative to strengthen associativity as entrepreneurs with an Intercultural Indigenous identity through the commercialization of products and services both nationally and internationally.

It is from this year that she has been working on the subject of social economy, sustainable and with Indigenous identity, she has been invited as a member of the cooperative together her colleagues to participate in seminars to expose their experience of Associativity and Productive Indigenous Development, work in Indigenous Productive Development Tables, Participation of the National Meeting of Indigenous Leaders ¨More Participation and leadership¨ (Conadi and ONU Women), invited by the Ministry of Economy in signing Regulation General Law of Cooperatives. In 2016 at the World Forum held in Canada he is part of the team that participated in the correction of Indigenous Development in English and Spanish Wikipedia and UN, headed by Dr. Ernesto Sirolli.

Marisol Trureo has participated actively in different training and training processes in the productive, social, and cooperative field. In the future, it will be a real contribution to the social, cultural economy through the values of mutual aid, responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, solidarity, honesty and transparency of the original peoples.