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Aymara social communicator

  1. His career as communicator began 20 years ago, mostly in Andina radio station where he has promoted and spread knowledge about the value of revitalizing the Aymara identity.
  2. Rolando was the first presenter of the Carnival “Fuerza del Sol” (Strength from the Sun, in English) One of the most important events in Chile.
  3. His popularity and connection to the Andean world has gone beyond borders, and his links includes countries such as Peru and Bolivia.
  4. As Social Communicator, he has been focused on claiming the values of the Aymara people and promoting the rights of Chilean Indigenous Peoples.
  5. He constantly participates in different campaigns, such as the promotion of recognition of Aymaras in recent census.
  6. His career as communicator and presenter of important events has been recognized by Arica Municipality.
  7. Famous by his work as a producer, presenter and radio host with a strong connection to social issues.
  8. Presenter of several national and international events: Intercultural Pusisuyu, Biennial of Indigenous Arts and Culture, Iquique Carnival, among others.
  9. Presenter of massive events and concerts such as Los Jaivas, Illapu, Willian, Los Kjarkas, Sabia Andina, Kalamarka, Eva Ayllon, and different artists from the regional folklore.
  10. Promoter of folk and Andean music groups in the radio program Waliki, broadcast daily in Andina Radio Station.