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Family and youth

He was born on February 9th, 1953 in Santiago, Chile. Son of Sergio Aguiló Vargas and Sonia Melo.

Study and work

Elementary school at the Instituto O´Higgins de Rancagua and the School N°1 of Rengo. Completed High School in the Liceo of Rengo and the Institute Luis Campino. Started the university at the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas (Economy and Administration) of the Universidad de Chile, receiving the title of Commercial Engineer. Later, achieved a post degree in Economy at the Universidad de Campinas, in Brasil.

In 1980, started teaching and was professor of Micro and Macro Economy at the ESANE and ITESA Institutes. His work was suspended the following year, when was detained and kidnapped for 10 days.

Starting 1984, was advisor of labor organizations as member of the professionals staff of the Centro de Estudios del Trabajo (Cetra) (Labor Studies Centre) and the Centro de Asesoría Laboral (CEAL) (Labor Advisory Centre).

Public and Political trajectory

His political trajectory started in 1972 when joined the Izquierda Cristiana (Christian Left). After the military coup of 1973, participated in the team in charge to reconstruct the political party fin the underground. Later in 1976 was member of the Central Committee and Political Commission of the same party.

In 1981 was  detained and kidnapped for 10 days. Later in 1982, was condemned to 541 days in prison for political reasons.

In 1984, joined the National Direction of the Socialist Bloc, and in 1985 participated in the National Agreement representing the Christian Left. In 1988 was elected Vice President of that party, and in 1989 participated as active leader of the Partido Amplio de Izquierda Socialista (PAIS) (Wide Party of the Socialist Left).

In December of 1990, joined the Partido Socialista (PS) (Socialist Party). The same year and until 1992, directed the Regionalization Commission of the same party.

January 2011 renounced the PS, continued as independent and later was member of the Movimiento Amplio de Izquierda, MAIZ (Left Wide Movement). In 2012, after the fusion of MAIZ with Izquierda Cristiana, was member of that party. Recently resigned to the Izquierda Ciudadana party (Citizen Left) , together with other members of the party.