Travel Tips

APEC Haus, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea | October 24-26, 2023


Travel Requirements

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination (2 doses)
  • Approved travel visa via:
  • Malaria pills recommended, but not required
  • Buddy system highly recommended when travelling in PNG

Travel Visa Requirements

Please check the Visa requirements for your travels to Papua New Guinea. Even if you’re laying-over in a country for less than 72 hours, a travel or transit visa may still be required for the country that you’re laying over in.

If transiting through Australia, you must apply for a Transit Visa (72hours or less in Australia) or eVisitor Visa (72 or more hours in Australia), prior to your departure. The Visa applications can be found in this link

Mandatory Papua New Guinea Designated Events Visa information: Coming Soon!

Transportation Within Port Moresby

  • Car Services – Kara hire Cars Ltd
  • Chauffers’
  • Hotel airport shuttles – most hotels willhave these services
  • Taxis

Transportation services will be provided to and from the WIBF venue from the hotel you will be staying at. Please inform Mackenzie Oatway at [email protected] which hotel you’re staying at.

Flight Transportation to Port Moresby

Canadian Travelers: The best route for Canadians travelling to Port Moresby would be to fly from Vancouver to Brisbane, Australia, and geta direct flight from Brisbane to Port Moresby.

American Travelers: The best route for Americans travelling to Port Moresby would be to fly from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Australia, and get a direct flight from Brisbane to Port Moresby.

Recommended Airlines between Australia to Port Moresby:

  • Air Nuigini
  • Qantas

Major Hotels Within Port Moresby

  • Highly recommend booking accommodations through third party sites like: Expedia,, etc.
  • Lamana Hotel
  • Grand Papua Hotel
  • Ela Beach Hotel & Apartments
  • Hilton Port Moresby
  • Holiday Inn

Restaurant Recommendations

Hilton Port Moresby Restaurants:
– Mumu
– Copper
– Feast

Lamana Hotel Restaurants:
– The Italian
– Rio’s at the Temple

Port Terrace Restaurant And Bar

The Crown Hotel
– The Rapala Restaurant
– The Cafe

Element Restaurant & Bar

Greenhaus Restaurant (Stanley Hotel)

Asia Aromas At The Harbour Side