Chief (Sakom) Allan Polchies Jr.

Allan Polchies Jr. is from St Mary’s First Nation Wolastoqyik, where he was born and raised.
Allan was recently elected as Chief of St Mary’s First Nation, making him the first two-spirit Chief in Atlantic Canada. Allan has always been very involved in his community working as a Community Planner, Culture Coordinator and as a Band Councillor for over ten years, in addition to sitting on the Economic Development Board. Allan has always been very involved in his community in the role of Customers Service Relations Officer and Entertainer at the St. Mary’s Entertainment Centre during the bingo events.

He is a member of the Atlantic Two- Spirit Alliance Committee. Allan is known by his family and peers as “Chicky”, a nickname that was given to him by his great-grandmother, Meme. He is known for his flare of fashion, zest for life, sense of humor, and his weekly weather reports on social media. Allan and his partner, Tyler are foster parents who do plan to adopt in the very near future. They have been together for over eight years.

Allan is a true champion and ambassador of his culture, community, and Wolastoq traditions.

He is a survivor of cancer, and says that one day his feet should be in a museum, as they could tell many stories that reflect him, his spirit, and his personality.


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