WIBF 2018 Featuring: Aroha Armstrong

Group Manager Māori Economy


Aroha is of Te Arawa descent, and leads the Māori Economy Team in Callaghan Innovation that seeks to support existing and emerging Māori business to apply new technologies, and use research & development to create and commercialise new products and services.

Her role focuses on connecting Māori businesses with industry expertise, research & development providers, funding, business support for growth, and international opportunities. In 2016 Aroha was part of a team that took over 85 rangatahi Māori to Silicon Valley to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Aroha is a māma of four, has a long and varied background in entrepreneurship, and is passionate about business & technology as a tool for Māori self determination

“If we as Maori are to thrive amid global change, we need to tap into the innovation in our blood, and get comfortable with business, and technology as a problem solver, a future career, and a way to create positive social change”.


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