WIBF 2018 Featuring: Diego Ancalao Gavilán

Diego Ancalao Gavilán, current President of the Foundation of Indigenous Leadership and Development, legacy of the ILDI for Chile after WIBF 2017. Member of the Planning Committee of WIBF 2017 Santiago de Chile, and member of the World Indigenous Business Network.

Having a wide background in politics, in 2014 became the first Mapuche leading a political party in Chile. Diego Ancalao is considered a strong advocate of the Indigenous peoples of his country, has been advisor of ministers, congress representatives and different international organizations.

Graduate with a degree in Education and Teacher, during his young years excelled for his high level of academic achievements receiving in 1996 the “President of the Republic” grant, and later as athlete in Karate, representing Chile in different international competitions in USA and South America, during 2005.

Expert in Indigenous issues, Diego Ancalao already published his first book “Mapuche: Hijo de dos naciones” (“Mapuche, Son of two nations”), is columnist and active participant in Chilean mass media like El Mostrador, CNN Chile, Canal 24 Horas, Radio Concierto, Radio Cooperativa, Radio Bío Bío and Radio Futuro


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