WIBF 2018 Featuring: Francis Tipene Dip.FD & Kaiora Tipene Dip.FD, Dip.NZBus, Dip.NZMngt

Tipene Funerals Ltd
Chief Operations Officer & Senior Funeral Director | Executive Administration & Director of Finance

As parents of five children hailing from the Northland, Francis and Kaiora moved to Auckland to start their lives in the big smoke and chase their dreams. With over 15 years in total of experience within the Funeral Industry, Francis started off as a Duty Driver, Funeral Assistant then making his way to becoming a Funeral Director before realising he had an ingredient to meet the indigenous needs of the Maori community and then starting his own company.

Working alongside of him was Kaiora who although had studied various degrees, Funeral Directing wasn’t one of Kaiora’s passions as she was studying to become a school teacher completing her Bachelor of Education. Becoming part of Francis’ funeral home meant Kaiora was called upon to support her husband with Administration and Accounts.

Starting off small with only three staff including Francis and Kaiora, Tipene Funerals grew over the years to a solid foundation of service provision of now three managers, three senior funeral directors, three funeral directors, three funeral assistants, two administration and accounts staff and a field team dedicated to funeral service setups, casket trimming and general branch maintenance across two branches in both Onehunga and Henderson, Auckland.

Through the major success of the business developing and growing with the unique style of delivering indigenous funeral services to the wider community of Maori, Pasific Island and other ethnicities, Tipene Funerals was given the opportunity to star in their own ‘Reality TV Doco’ series called ‘The Casketeers’ – a TV series about Tipene Funerals, its staff and life in the funeral home through the eyes of our funeral directors when working with families who’ve lost a loved one. To watch the first season, you can visit it here: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/the-casketeers

Born and bred in Kaitaia and from a large family, Kaiora comes to this industry as a wife and mother who loves spending time with her four children practicing and teaching them core family values to love and respect one another. Kaiora believes that having such values are important practices as they are key attributes when interacting and communicating with families in their time of need.

After obtaining a Diploma in Business at Manukau Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Auckland, Kaiora was soon thrusted in to the seat of working within the Funeral Industry in Administration and Accounts and is a qualified Funeral Director (Class of 2017). Kaiora’s role at Tipene Funerals is to administer, manage and oversee the reception, administration staff and the office of finance by ensuring that quality of services provided are well supported with all documentation, regulations and systems and procedures which are aimed at making family’s experiences stress free during funeral arrangements.

A father of four children, hailing from the Northland, Pawerenga then further moving to the big smoke to start a new life and carry out his passion for helping people…

As a recent graduate of the Funeral Directors course from WelTec with over 8 years as the Operations Manager and Funeral Director of his own company and a combined 13 years of experience from within the industry, Francis comes with a substantial amount of experience and expertise from serving families in their time of need; providing paramount services in bidding farewell to family’s loved ones.

Francis started in the industry over 15 years ago when he first got his opportunity to work as a Duty Driver in Auckland. From there his career started once he realised that his job’s passion grew and became a vocation. Working his way to becoming a Funeral Director, Francis can be remembered by many families for the work he’s done for many of the well-known funeral homes in Auckland allowing him to serve families with the greatest professionalism, respect and dignity.

Francis’ role as the Managing Director, Chief Operations Officer and qualified Funeral Director of Tipene Funerals includes full management and strategic direction of the operations for the company whose drive and ambition is to bring a high level of quality of care given to family’s loved ones.


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