WIBF 2018 Featuring: Kiana Frank

Taking the old and making it new: Opportunities from the realm of native science

Provoke your thinking with Kiana Frank, a Biologist specializing in connectivity between land and sea to promote the restoration and sustainability of Hawaii’s ahupuaʻa resources. Kiana is building bridges between concepts of traditional management by integrating with contemporary technology and scientific knowledge systems to enhance community participation in restoration and conservation efforts. Using scientific hands-on experiences in the ʻāina, their natural laboratories, to inspire the younger Hawaiian generations to cultivate a connection to their culture.

Dr Kiana Frank, UH Mānoa, is a recognised leader in sustainability for developing innovative ʻāina-based curriculum in microbiology. graduating from Kamehameha Schools Kapalama in 2004; University of Rochester with a B.S in Molecular Genetics in 2008; Harvard University with M.A. Molecular Cell Biology in 2010 and Ph. D. Molecular Cell Biology in 2013. Currently, she is an assistant professor at Pacific Biosciences Research Center, Kewalo Marine Laboratory with the University of Hawaii Manoa.


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