WIBF 2018 Featuring: Murray Saylor

Murray’s passion and drive are focused on First Nation cultural, ecological and economic sustainability. Murray is the founder and Managing Director of Tagai Management Consultants, a company driven to work respectfully with clients in the Australia and Asia/Pacific region to deliver market leading supply chain management, business advisory, and community development services created through empowering customer engagement, applying Indigenous knowledge systems, and innovation to achieve results. Tagai’s business motto is the “maximise opportunities to make a difference in our global village.” Tagai in 2018 was selected as one of 100 faces of Small business in Queensland.

Murray is also CEO and majority shareholder of majority Indigenous owned company, Indigenous Supply Chain Connections, volunteer board member of Barayamal (charity registered Indigenous digital entrepreneur initiative), and current Chair of the Supply Nation Indigenous Business Advisory Group.

Murray is a proud Samsep clan member from Darnley Island located in the Torres Strait, Queensland Australia. Murray has over 20 years of diverse policy, procurement, supply chain management, program management, security and intelligence and community development experience focused in the fields of Government, Defence, Indigenous affairs and Resource sectors.


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