Brad Jackson

Brad Jackson

CEO, PNG Agriculture Company & Founder, Enabling Partnership Communities Framework


Brad Jackson is a community development specialist with over 3 decades experience assisting Indigenous communities throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific to build their local economies.  Brad takes people on a journey to identify markets, to change the way of business so that more money finds it way in the pockets of local people.  His methodology develops business and financial skills as part of a working system to ensure those new skills transform into ongoing behaviour; it contributes to improving the overall enabling environment for business to operate and attract the necessary capital to grow and scale and positively impact many more people; and it guides the overall process to ensure it remains relevant to local people and the markets being served.

Brad has recently established a boutique crowdfunding platform known as Elevate My Community to raise funding for small, achievable economic development projects that can be replicated and scaled and led by the very people who can sustain their success, the local people of the community.