John Tuiono

John Tuiono

General Secretary, Fiji Chapter of World Indigenous Business Network


John Tuiono
General Secretary, Fiji Chapter of World Indigenous Business Network

Foundation Member of Fiji Chapter for World Indigenous Business Network, Suva, Fiji.

  • Successfully hosted the inaugural 2 Day Mini-Conference & 1 Day WIBN Council Meeting in Suva, Fiji.
  • Prepare written submissions, foundation documents, constitution, and policy documents, consult individual businesses and register online with the World Indigenous Business Network (WIBN), in Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Attend virtual Zoom meetings with WIBN Member countries on issues of concern and support
  • Represent Fiji to the World Indigenous Business Network Meeting in June 2022 at Bogota, Colombia, South America.
  • Provide research papers and submissions on all sectors of the economy i.e. of relevance to indigenous participation in business in Fiji.
  • Represent Fiji Chapter to WIBN & WIBF Meetings annually and report to
  • Explore the inclusion of Pacific Island Countries (PICs) in the WIBN &

Principal Consultant, Omni Business Consultancy, Nasinu, Fiji

  • Provide guidance, research, advisory and quality management systems to clients, budget foreca negotiations, written submissions etc.
  • Attend to requests by clients and sign formal work agreements to complete assigned tasks and assignments
  • Collaborate with clients to dispose of, sell or assist in the development of land, property or assignments with TLTB and other institutions.
  • Consultations, negotiations and resolving disputes, differences, and disagreements on property, assets or ownership rights.

Business Advisor Tailevu & Ba Provincial Holding Companies

  • Provide support to the Chairman in policy design, budget forecast, review of business performances and adv on new investments portfolios and diversification.
  • Attend board meetings and provide written advice as and when
  • Ensure smooth and effective administration and improve administrative
  • Establish a sound business foundation for monitoring incubation financial
  • Nurture and develop a dedicated team of skilled staff contributing beyond their formal duty statement to foster business growth.
  • Provide guidance on setting up quality management systems, ensuring reliable monitoring and evaluation processes and a strategic approach to management on daily operations.

Community Advisor, Veivueti Community & Social Services Trust, New Zealand

  • Provide advisory and referral services to clients on areas pertaining to Settlement Issues relating to Housing, Immigration, Health, Finance, Education etc.
  • Formulate business proposals and liaise with agencies and the government to fund programmes and
  • Prepare constitution and by-laws for the trust and official procedural requirements vis-a-vis, 3 Year Strategic Plan, Budget and Cashflow Projections, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Financial Systems etc.
  • Provide administration support to the Fiji Multiracial community in Auckland;

Government Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation (Shipping Services)

·        Oversee & monitor the technical design, costing, implementation and acquittal of capital projects.

·        Ensure efficient & effective disbursement of the Ministry’s Capital budget of $5 million annually.

·        Formulate new & review existing tender policy documents, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

·        Conduct training of Senior Managers & Directors on Capital Project Implementation Policy Guidelines

·        Assist in Drafting of relevant Cabinet Papers and reply to queries raised in Parliament;

·        Attain successful Capital Project Implementation rate of 80 – 90% success level in 2004-2005 Financial Year.

Ministry of Regional Development & Multi Ethnic Affairs

·        Design & formulation of sustainable development plans for District and Divisional Administrative Boundaries.

·        Manage & coordinate the performance of government technical teams both at District & Divisional Levels.

·        Implemented training programmes to planning teams and community leaders.

·        Documentation & formulation of project proposals for funding both Fiji Govt and Overseas –ODA; NZODA, AIDAB, EU, JAPAN AID etc.

·        Conduct site project visits with Donor reps and submit acquittal & monitoring reports to Donors & Govt Agencies.

·        Monitor fund disbursement to Divisional & District Offices on Poverty Alleviation Programme.

·        Expanded & facilitate training with US Peacecorp Counterpart, Fiji wide.

·        Design & formulate & implement targeted programmes for community empowerment.

·        Develop training programmes, manuals & Standard Operating Procedures.

·        Conduct community-based training programmes.