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The 2022 World Indigenous Business Forum

Every year since 2009, the Indigenous Leadership Development Initiative (ILDI) has created and organized the World Indigenous Business Forum. During the 2014 edition in Guatemala, attending leaders signed the Guatemala Protocol, which initiated the World Indigenous Business Network (WIBN). In 2019, the 10th anniversary edition was held in Vancouver, Canada. The past two years 2020 and 2021 we held the conference virtually but this year, we’re excited to announce we will be joining together again in person October 26, 27 & 28, 2022 in the city of Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia. The venue of the forum will take place at Parque de las Malocas 

At the World Indigenous Business Forum, important, inspirational and essential enterprises come to life through innovative partnerships and alliances. Over the past eight years, Sydney, Australia; Windhoek, Africa; Guatemala City, Guatemala, Honolulu, Hawaii; Saskatoon, Canada; Santiago de Chile; Rotorua, New Zealand, have hosted these events.

Each forum attracts hundreds of participants as well as the attention of thousands of Indigenous business-minded people around the world. These forums bring leaders from corporate and non-corporate sectors, government and non-government organizations, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people together for face-to-face conversations, envisioning, shared learning, mutual opportunity, investment possibilities and a social and economic purpose.

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The World Indigenous Business Network

The World Indigenous Business Network (WIBN) is a global online community created by members of The World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF) to connect, inspire, mobilize and support organizations and entrepreneurs in the sustainable development of Indigenous businesses.

Its goal is to increase participation in the global economy by providing opportunities to broaden markets, improve access to business potential, increase Indigenous economic benefits from major resource development and energy investments, and increase Indigenous prosperity through economic growth.

The WIBN provides important connection and support to Indigenous business people who can be isolated in their communities, limited in their potential prosperity and dependent on external providers and intermediaries. The Network provides for exchanges of ideas, generation of proposals, creation of partnerships and bringing investment to communities, entrepreneurs and organizations.

“By connecting without intermediaries, partnerships come together. Mutual business & investment opportunities can happen.”

—Rosa Walker, President and CEO
Indigenous Leadership Development Institute. Inc.