Hosting World Indigenous Business Forum

Interested in hosting the next World Indigenous Business Forum!

WIBF Hosting Benefits:

  • Provides an economic impact over a four-to-five-day period while delegates are in
  • Involves local and multi-sectoral groups fostering economic development and engaging Indigenous
  • Generates an international awareness and promotional of the host city and country over approximately a three-year period.
  • Speaking opportunity for the host on the WIBF agenda for up to three years leading up to their
  • A role in the development of the WIBF Agenda, inviting delegates and distinguished speakers from around the
  • An opportunity to showcase the city/country.

Bid Information Required:

A completed bid will be accepted with the following information:

  • Where is the proposed venue and how many people can it accommodate?
  • Is the venue conducive for Indigenous learners?
  • Can the venue accommodate up to 1,000 participants?
  • Where will the delegates be accommodated?
  • Rates for hotels are affordable?
  • Hotels are relatively close to the venue?
  • Transportation options are available to and from hotel and conference venue?

Provide a brief description of the organization:

  • Is it affiliated with any Indigenous group, people, organization? If so, what indigenous group(s)?
  • What is the governing structure of the organization?
  • What is the mission of the organization?
  • Does the organization have experience with planning events like WIBF? If yes, provide a short description of one of those events.
  • Who will be the lead planner of WIBF?
  • In a paragraph, tell us why you want to host WIBF.

Review Committee Process and Guidelines

  • The successful bidder will be showcased on all global marketing efforts relating to the WIBF whenever possible once a bid has been
  • An announcement of the successful bid will be made at all the WIBF’s and the successful bidder will have an allotment of time on the agenda for the announcement to be
  • The successful host and all pertinent information will be included in the marketing efforts of WIBF, both in print and on social media.
  • The review committee is comprised of ILDII Board of Directors, and their decision is
  • The committee will dispatch a representative to the host locations to visit the organization and assess the potential venue for WIBF. This visit may be done
  • All bids shall be submitted electronically; please send the completed application as a Microsoft Word document or PDF.

The host will be expected to assist the WIBF team in sponsorship and registration. Please send completed bid to:

Rosa Walker, President and CEO
Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Inc
206-1075 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3G 0R8
Telephone: 204-940-1700
[email protected]


Please see the documents below: