Sandra Paillal Venegas

Sandra Paillal Venegas


Sandra Paillal Venegas, is a proud Chilean, from the Mapuche tribe, leader, and advocate of indigenous rights from North to South America. She is a professional Audit Accountant; Professor and Lecturer of various academic institutions in Chile; a Rapporteur for the Center of Sercotec Inakeyu; President of Indigenous-to-Indigenous Canada Ltd – International Consultant in business areas, leading social and community projects for Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, and Canada.  Sandra’s passion is to assist Indigenous people towards the contribution to society with collective initiatives within economic, social, educational and cultural lines.

Sandra is the Ambassador of the World Indigenous Business Forum – WIBF, for Chile and Latin American countries; International Vice President of the “I” Foundation in Chile. Sandra is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of her own companies; Sandra was the President of the Mapuche Chamber of Commerce, for Santiago, Chile for eight years, where she developed major economic development initiatives. Sandra was successful in organizing, negotiating and administrating the seventh version of the WIBF, for the first time held in a Latin American country in 2017.

Sandra is a visionary Mapuche woman with a strong work ethics, passionate to collaborate with non-indigenous organizations, foundations and governments to improve indigenous community welfare, valuing cultural and spiritual diversity.